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Jesus this Blogging is complicated

Well guys - its been 3 years since my last post and it just took me 10 minutes to figure out how to make a new post on this - so going to have to work a little on my tech flex. But am now going to try and simply use this blog (to which noone can subscribe) as a continuous journal on my self improvement journey in 2024. And the theme of 2024 is TITFA - turn it the fuck around. Ryan Holiday would call it stoicism - you can't control what is happening only how you react to it, but I need something punchier than that. Unhappy with how something is going? TITFA. In an anxiety spiral? TITFA. Ate 5 cookies and consumed 4 glasses of wine? Pour a glass of water and TITFA.

I am filled with the aspirations of all the wonderful things I am going to do next year in a way that only December 31st of the prior year can bring. I can do anything and all things! But I do think I am at least focused on more of the right stuff this year - process over outcome. We shall see.

But here I am making a commitment to myself to (a) discover new and fabulous ways to TITFA out of anything, (b) stick with Ryan Holiday 21 day challenge, (c) dry january (other than symphony ball Jan 27 and vow renewal for mom and dad on Jan 4, (d) exercise 5 days a week, (e) read more and (f) work on my murphy movie book.

And a commitment on the things I don't want to do - (a) spend as much time on social media, (b) buy so much stuff, (c) worry about what other people think, (d) frantically make every moment productive.

That may seem like some overachieving New Years resolutions - but I just can't help myself.

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